Saturday, October 30, 2010

Goddess of greeting cards

I was looking thru some old books the other night, hoping to organize, or at least straighten out my overflowing book shelves.  As usually happens when I pull books out I found something that I had to stop and look at.  I found a book that I forgot all about----" 365 Goddess--A daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the Goddess."  I looked up my birthday (Oct 25) and this was the entry:

                                                                             October 25
                                                                  Sweetest Day (United States)


                   Themes: Kindness, Charity, Love, Romance, Joy, Success, Luck
                   Symbols: GREETINGS (greeting cards)
                   About Felicitas:  This Roman Goddess brings happiness, success, and good fortune
                      whenever someone salutes another with good words or amiable deeds.  She
                      comes to us today to energize late fall and early winter with the transformational
                      power of kindness.
                   To Do Today:  While Sweetest Day seems to be focused on lovers these days, in
                      earlier years it represented an opportunity to shower anyone and everyone with
                      cheerful trinkets, kind acts, and gentle words to lift people's spirits.  By looking to
                      Felicitas for help, we can return this holiday to its original form and bring joy to
                      people who might otherwise be feeling a case of the autumn blues.  Look for, or make,
                      some humorous greeting cards to send to folks you know would appreciate them
                      and invoke Felicitas' blessings in any way that feels right.
                      To improve the effect further, anoint the cards with rejuvenating aromatic oils that
                       match the recipient's needs (such as pine for money, rose for love or peace, cinnamon
                       for luck, sandalwood for health, and lavender to combat depression).  This way, when
                      they open that card, the magic and the aroma will be released together to bless,
                      energize, and bear Felcitas's greetings along with your heartfelt wishes.

How freaky is it that the symbol for my birthday is the greeting card???  So from here on out I am going to think of myself as the Goddess of Greeting Cards!!!!  Kind of has a nice ring to it.


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