Friday, October 29, 2010

OK--so here's the pumpkin I did for our contest at work today.  I came in third and won $10.  Was a little disappointed but everyone did a great job this year.  This was a fun pumpkin to decorate and he looks cool sitting out on my porch, so all is not lost!!  I hope you enjoy seeing what I did.  And a big thank you to my friend Barbara for taking a great photograph for me.  Actually she won second place so I think I will post her pumpkin too.    
                                                      Congratulations Barb---good job!!!!


  1. I love your pumpkin! Is that a real pretzel or did you somehow create it??

  2. no, it was a real one. Had a hard time finding one-I thought I was going to have to make one, but I found it at the grocery store at the last minute.